Interviewing a Traditionalist married to a Muslim and a Christian

Muslim grave in Christian graveyard, Iperu-Remo, Ogun State

  When we began collecting the qualitative interviews in Sagamu, I thought this would be an academic exercise in getting relevant information from respondents. In the end the experience became much more revealing. Every encounter came with unique revelations and because we wanted Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists to be adequately represented in the survey we […]

Learning to love Ramadan in Offa

Central Mosque Offa

Just as there are, in Nigeria, non-Christians who participate in Christian vigils and celebrations, so there are non-Muslims who fast during Ramadan. I never understood why someone would do this until I did it myself, albeit somewhat involuntarily and in a very superficial manner, during Ramadan 2013. The experience confirmed to me that what we […]

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