Money Judgments – Twelfth Cadbury Fellowship Scheme and Workshop

Licence plate proudly advertising traditional healing, Irolu Remo 2012, (c) InsaNolte

The Department of African Studies and Anthropology at the University of Birmingham invites applications for the 2015 Cadbury Fellowship Scheme, which will focus on research on money. Three visiting fellows from Africa will be appointed to participate in a ten-week schedule of seminars, discussion groups, and other activities. One aim of the scheme is to […]

Okey Ndibe Reading at the University of Birmingham

Okey Ndibe

We are delighted to invite Okey Ndibe whose most recent novel, Foreign Gods, Inc., explores many ideas that resonate with our project, particularly religious plurality, the global commodification of religion and tradition, and changing relations between religions in contemporary Nigeria to Birmingham University. Okey Ndibe will be giving a reading from his novel Foreign Gods, Inc on […]

New Appointments for the Knowing Each Other Team

Olukoya Ogen and Insa Nolte after a hard day's work at the University of Lagos

September has been an exciting month for the Knowing Each Other project. The contribution to their respective fields of three members of the team, Professor Olukoya Ogen, Dr Insa Nolte and Professor Siyan Oyeweso has been recognised with new appointments. We are delighted that the coordinator of the project in Nigeria Professor Ogen has been […]

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