2016 Cadbury Provisional Programme

Crossroads in African Studies Conference

2016 Cadbury Provisional Programme: ‘Bodies of Text: Learning to Be Muslim in West Africa’ The 2016 Cadbury programme explores the practices, disciplines and debates through which West Africans learn to be Muslims. Focusing on the elaborate and complex systems of Islamic learning that have emerged in the region, we ask how knowledge about being Muslim is […]

Muslim oralcy in West Africa: a neglected subject

participant PFarias KBarber DPratten

The annual Fage Lecture in recognition of Professor John Fage, founder of CWAS and a major contributor to the institutionalisation of African Studies in the UK and internationally, was delivered in 2015 by Paulo Fernando de Moraes Farias. Dr de Moraes Farias is a historian, who has worked on epigraphic sources for the medieval history of West […]

Researching Belonging and Identity in Multireligious Nigeria

Bonnke Revival - photo courtesy of Corey Williams

My first visit to Nigeria was in January 2009 as a master’s student at Pepperdine University, USA. I came to explore the possibility of conducting a thesis project on Muslim-Christian relations. Prior to that visit, I remember being drawn to Nigeria by its sheer size. As the largest African country by population and soon to […]

Interviewing a Traditionalist married to a Muslim and a Christian

Muslim grave in Christian graveyard, Iperu-Remo, Ogun State

  When we began collecting the qualitative interviews in Sagamu, I thought this would be an academic exercise in getting relevant information from respondents. In the end the experience became much more revealing. Every encounter came with unique revelations and because we wanted Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists to be adequately represented in the survey we […]

Learning to love Ramadan in Offa

Central Mosque Offa

Just as there are, in Nigeria, non-Christians who participate in Christian vigils and celebrations, so there are non-Muslims who fast during Ramadan. I never understood why someone would do this until I did it myself, albeit somewhat involuntarily and in a very superficial manner, during Ramadan 2013. The experience confirmed to me that what we […]

Photographing the Mosque in Ede

A view of Ede, Osun State

I have been working on the Knowing Each Other project as a field researcher since 2012. The last two years has been wonderful and enriching experience. I was responsible for organising survey responses for our survey on religious histories and attitudes, and I also conducted qualitative interviews with a large number of people we encountered. […]

Introducing ‘Knowing Each Other’

Prof Olukoya Ogen and Dr Insa Nolte during research in Ogun Waterside LGA

Since the end of the Cold War, and especially since September 2001, most research exploring religious difference, and especially Muslim-Christian relations, has focused on politics and the public sphere. At the same time, the majority of detailed work on the role of religion for everyday life focuses on the practices and transformations within Muslim or […]

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