Meet the Team – Adeyemi Sharapha Balogun


Now that the project has entered its final stages we are looking back on how involvement in the KEO research has shaped the ideas and carriers of our valued team members. We start the series with Yemi, who has been with the project from the very beginning as a research fellow and who is now conducting […]

Exploring ‘KEO’ Survey Data


Insa Nolte, Rebecca Jones, Khadijeh Taiyari and Giovanni Occhiali, ‘Research Note. Exploring the survey data for historical and anthropological research: Muslim-Christian relations in south-west Nigeria.,’ African Affairs, 115 (460), 2016:541-561. Open access to the article can be found here. This research note explores the use of quantitative data and surveys in the fields of history […]

The Knowing Each Other survey

The Team

Dr Rebecca Jones and Dr Insa Nolte   Please reference this blog post as: Nolte, I. and Jones, R., November 2014. ‘The Knowing Each Other Survey’, Knowing Each Other, European Research Council grant agreement no. 283466.   A central part of the Knowing Each Other project is a large-scale ethnographic survey of religious histories, […]

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