The Knowing Each Other survey

The Team

Dr Rebecca Jones and Dr Insa Nolte   Please reference this blog post as: Nolte, I. and Jones, R., November 2014. ‘The Knowing Each Other Survey’, Knowing Each Other, European Research Council grant agreement no. 283466.   A central part of the Knowing Each Other project is a large-scale ethnographic survey of religious histories, […]

In Search of Knowledge: A Reflection on Twenty Five Months of the Survey in Yorubaland

The beautiful royal palace in Itele, Ijebu North-East

For the project we undertook a journey from Ede (Osun State) to various communities in Ogun, Lagos, Oyo, Ekiti, Kwara and Ondo States, where we carried out the project survey and interviewed over 200 people. The journey was a memorable one in terms of both exposure and knowledge. While there were many challenges on the […]

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