The Knowing Each Other survey

The Team

Dr Rebecca Jones and Dr Insa Nolte   Please reference this blog post as: Nolte, I. and Jones, R., November 2014. ‘The Knowing Each Other Survey’, Knowing Each Other, European Research Council grant agreement no. 283466.   A central part of the Knowing Each Other project is a large-scale ethnographic survey of religious histories, […]

An Extraordinary PhD Writing Workshop held at the University of Ibadan

Prof Ayodeji Olukoju and Dr Insa Nolte, ESRC PhD Writing Workshop, University of Ibadan

Our ‘Knowing Each Other’ project includes a number of training elements, but being in Nigeria regularly also allows me to be involved in other aspects of academic life, and to make use of other resources – in this case a grant by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to my department at the University […]

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